Trader Joe's POS Data

Trader Joe's is a privately held grocery chain in the U.S., headquartered in Monrovia, CA.  Trader Joe's has approximately half of its stores in California, with the heaviest concentration in Southern California, but the company also has locations many other states and Washington, DC.    While a typical grocery store may carry 50K items, Trader Joe's stocks about 4K items, 80% of which bear one of its own brand names.  Products sold include gourmet foods, organic foods, vegetarian foods, unusual frozen foods, imported foods, and other "alternative" foods.  Non-food items include personal hygiene products, household cleaners, vitamins, pet food, plants, and flowers.  Many of the company's products are environmentally friendly.

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Vendors may receive daily or weekly, store-level updates and restatements of SKU level POS sales and inventory activity. Once the data streams are initiated or vendor portals are activated, VELOCITY® can automatically acquire, cleanse, harmonize and transform the data into actionable analytics to produce measurable results.

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