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The Chef's Shop was founded in 1991 in as "Distinctive Cooking and Dining Ware for the Country Chef" in Lenox, MA by Rob Navarino.  The store struggled during its first three years and moved to Great Barrington, MA where success soon followed along with a name change to "Berkshire Cottage Kitchen, The Chef's Choice".  The business then took a foray into shopping mall expansion, where it changed its name, yet again, to where it is today as "The Chef's Shop".   The shopping mall expansion ended up not fitting into the store's model, and was exited shortly there after with attention again being focused on the Great Barrington store.  In October of 2000 the first satellite store opened at Guido's Fresh Marketplace, also in Great Barrington; and the following April another location was added in Pittsfield, MA.   The business achieved more sales success after June of 2002 when the original store moved into a much larger space.  It expanded again in 2004.

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