Smith's Food & Drug Centers POS Data, EDI 852, 830 and 867

Smith's Food & Drug Centers, Inc, commonly known as Smith's, is a chain of supermarkets in the Intermountain West and Southwest regions of the United States.  Its headquarters are in Salt Lake City.   Smith's operates stores in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.  Smith's utilizes a combination food and drug center format that strives for one-stop shopping.   In 1997, the company was acquired by Fred Meyer of Portland, OR.  Then, in 1999, Fred Meyer was acquired by The Kroger Company.  As a result of the Kroger-Fred Meyer merger, most of Smith's Food & Drug Centers in Arizona were rebranded as Fry's Food and Drug.  Today, Smith's Food and Drug is a division of The Kroger Company, yet maintains its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Smith's Food & Drug Center

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