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Palacio de Hierro is an upscale chain of department stores in Mexico.  It is a part of Grupo Bal, a diversified conglomerate in Mexico with interests in insurance, mining and retail.   Palacio de Hierro was founded in the 1850's as Las Fabricas de Francia (The Factories of France) as a clothing store of high-end fashion. In 1888, new store was constructed, which was the first building in Mexico City to be made of iron and steel.  When construction finished in 1891, the owners decided to take advantage of the publicity they earned during construction and renamed the business to El Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace). Today Palacio de Hierro is a comprehensive department store with product lines ranging from clothing, to houseware, furniture, jewelry, select foods, toys, spa, travel service, and electronics.  Especially in the clothing area, it is a high-end retailer carrying top Mexican domestic brands as well as hosting many in-store boutiques from exclusive lines of the top names in clothing.

Palacio de Hierro Website (formatted for Spanish)

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