Office Depot POS Data, EDI 852 and 816

Office Depot is a global supplier of office products and services.  The company was incorporated in 1986 with its first store in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  It has three business segments:  North American Retail Division, North American Business Solutions Division and International Division.   North American Retail Division This division sells a broad assortment of merchandise through a chain of office supply stores in the US and Canada, with the largest concentration of stores in CA, TX and FL.  Products include general office supplies, computer supplies, business machines and related supplies, and office furniture.  Products include both national brands and Office Depot private brands.   Included in most stores is a Copy & Print Depot offering printing, reproduction, mailing, shipping and other services.  Office Depot also maintains nationwide availability of a PC support and network installation service that provides customers with in-home, in-office and in-store support for technology needs.   North American Business Solutions Division The NA Business Solutions Division provides similar products managed by a dedicated sales force through catalogs and electronically through the Office Depot internet sites.  This channel is geared to service small- to medium-sized customers.   International Division The International Division sells office products and services through direct mail catalogs, contract sales, internet sites and retail stores using a mix of company-owned operations, joint ventures, licensing and franchise agreements, alliances and other arrangements.  Office Depot is currently positioned in 60 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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