NEXCOM (Navy Exchange) POS Data, EDI 852

NEXCOM is a chain of retail stores that are run by the United States Navy. The stores offer deeply discounted goods and services to their customers, which are current and former military personnel and their family members. The majority of the profits from these stores goes towards morale, welfare, and recreational programs for sailors.   Unlike commissaries (military grocery stores), exchanges, for the most part, do not receive significant appropriations from the federal government and must operation on a for-profit basis.  They are deemed Category C non-appropriated fund (NAF) activities, meaning they are designed to not only be self-sufficient, but generate a profit.   NEXCOM has also established smaller field exchanges to provide military personnel with comforts and everyday items while deployed, even in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  NEXCOM also operates small exchanges, known as "ship's stores," onboard seagoing vessels.  They are managed and operated by sailors in the Ships Serviceman rating.

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