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Today, Montgomery Ward is an exclusively on-line and mail-order catalog retailer that simply goes by Wards.  Originally, Montgomery Ward was a department store chain that at one point operated over 250 locations in over 30 states.  The department store version of Montgomery Ward filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1997 and completed liquidation in May 2001.   After the department chain's demise, the familiarity of its brand made its name, corporate logo, and advertising to be considered valuable intangible assets.  In 2004, catalog marketer Direct marketing Services Inc. (DMSI) purchased much of the intellectual property assets of the former Wards, including the "Montgomery Ward" and "Wards" trademarks, for an undisclosed amount of money.   The DMSI version of Montgomery Ward is not the same company as the original.  the new company does not honor obligations of the previous company, such as gift-cards and items sold with a lifetime guarantee.  Catalog retailer Swiss Colony purchased DMSI in August 2008.  Swiss Colony later changed its name to Colony Brands in 2010.

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