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Macdonald Consolidated is a Canadian grocery supplier headquartered out of Calgary, Alberta.  Macdonald supplies independent grocery retailers out of four distribution centers in central and western Canada:  Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  Additionally, Macdonald has six production facilities: Clearbrook, BC - Frozen Fruit & Veg Edmonton, AB - Milk Calgary, AB - Bread Taber, AB - Spice, Aseptic Juice & Crystal Lethbridge, AB - Frozen Veg. & Concentrated Juice Winnipeg, MB - Cheese, Milk & Ice Cream Macdonald offers several resources to grocery retailers including a comprehensive grocery program of both national and private label brand products, promotional programs, POS systems and other electronic document management for pricing and ordering. Macdonald also offers its Family Foods retail banner for full service independent grocery store owners that are looking to capitalize on the opportunity offered by use of a consistent trademark and retail offering while maintaining their independent entrepreneurship. 

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