Gordmans POS Data, EDI 852

Gordmans is a chain of off-price department stores, with its headquarters located in Omaha, Nebraska. Gordmans operates stores in 18 states, primarily in the Midwest region of the United States.   Gordmans was founded in 1936.  In 1975 a second chain of stores was created, called 1/2 Price Stores. The stores sold Richman Gordman merchandise at half price. In 1992, however, Richman Gordman filed for bankruptcy protection and all of its department stores closed.  The off-price department store division became the company's sole focus after it emerged from bankruptcy under the Richman Gordman 1/2 Price Stores name in 1993.   By 1996, all 1/2 Price Stores were converted to the Gordmans brand.  Sun Capital Partners bought the company in 2008 and took the company public again in 2010 with Sun continuing to hold a majority stake.

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