Duane Reade POS Data, EDI 852

Duane Reade is a chain of pharmacy and convenience stores primarily located in New York City and the immediate suburbs.  It is known for its high volume, small store layouts in locations across the New York City Metropolitan area.   Founded in 1960 by brothers Abraham, Eli, and Jack Cohen, the company was sold to Bain Capital in 1997 for a reported $239 million.  The company went public in February 1998 on the NYSE as DRD.  In 2004 the company was acquired by Oak Hill Capital Partners and was again a private company.  Most recently, in April 2010, Duane Reade was acquired by the Walgreen Company for $623 million.   The company is ranked as the fastest-growing drugstore chain in the industry, and is number one in sales per square foot.

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