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Dollar General, Corp is a chain of variety stores operating in 40 U.S. states. The chain operates is headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.   Dollar General stores are typically in small shopping plazas or strip malls in local neighborhoods.  The stores often serve communities that are too small for Walmart (although many locations are in relatively close driving distance to a Walmart store). Dollar General offers both name brand and generic merchandise - including off-brand goods and closeouts of name-brand items - in the same store, often on the same shelf.  Although it has the world "dollar" in the name, it is not a dollar store.  Most of its products are priced at more than $1.00.  However, goods are usually sold at set price points of penny items and up to the range of $50 to $60.   Dollar General competes in the dollar store format with national chains Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, regional chains such as Fred's in the southeast, and numerous independently owned stores.

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