Cora (Louis Delhaize Group) POS Data and EDI 852

Cora is a retail group based in Belgium which owns several supermarket and hypermarket chains internationally.  Formed in 1974, the corporation's brands include Match, Profi, Truffaut, Ecomax, Animalis, Sovena and Houra, as well as Cora-branded hypermarkets. Cora operates in France, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg and Antilles.   The name comes from the Greek goddess Persephone who is also known as Cora.   Cora is a division of the Louis Delhaize Group (not to be confused with the Delhaize Group, another retail group based in Brussels, Belgium).  The principal activity of Louis Delhaize Group is the operation of food supermarkets and hypermarkets in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Romania and Hungary.  it was established in 1850 by Louis Delhaize.

Louis Delhaize Group Website (formatted in Dutch)

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