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Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC) is Canada's largest general merchandise retailer.  It is best known for its home products, hardware and tools, automotive, sports, camping, lawn and garden products. Its head office is in Toronto, Ontario.   In addition to the Canadian Tire store fronts (owned and operated by associate dealers), Canadian Tire has several other retail formats.  Mark's Work Warehouse is a retailer of business casual, weekend and work clothing and accessories with over stores across Canada (including L'Equieur in Quebec).  Canadian Tire Petroleum is a gas station chain, some with Simionz car washes, and Pit Stops, which provide services like oil changes and rust checks.  CTP has 3 "Q" stop stores featuring a mini-grocery store as well as other items, and operates the gas station portion of most ONroute locations (Ontario's new highway service centers).   Recently, Canadian Tire purchased The Forzani Group Ltd, the largest national sporting goods retailer in Canada.  FGL sells sports-related products, including athletic footwear, athletic/leisure apparel, and athletic equipment.  Canadian Tire Financial Services is the credit arm of the company.  Its primary business is branded credit cards, but provides other credit and loan products, including loans and lines of credit.  CTFS also sell insurance and warranty products, and operates an emergency roadside service.   With all of these retail avenues, it is said that 90% of all Canadian live within a 15-minute drive of a Canadian Tire store; that nine out of ten adult Canadians shop at one at least twice a year; and that 40% of Canadians shop at Canadian Tire every week. 

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