C&S Wholesale Grocers POS Data, EDI 852

C&S Wholesale Grocers is a leading wholesale distributor of food and grocery store items.  With its headquarters in Keene, NH, C&S owns the Piggly Wiggly grocery brand in the Birmingham, AL market (which is independently franchised to store operators) as well as the Best Yet private label brand.   C&S provides more than 95K SKUs food and non-food items, including produce, meat, dairy products, delicatessen products, fresh/frozen bakery items, health and beauty aids, candy, and tobacco.  C&S has 15K associates in 11 states, and storage space of more than 15 million square feet.   C&S customers include:  Belle Foods, Pathmark, Safeway Inc, Food Giant, Shaw's Supermarkets, Stop & Shop, A&P Supermarkets, Target Corporation, Tops Markets LLC, BiLo Foods, Great American, SavMart/Foodmax, DeMoulas, Associated Wholesale Grocers, and independent store/supermarket owner/operators.

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