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Boots UK Limited (commonly known as Boots, previously The Boots Company and Boots the Chemist), is a privately held, leading pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom with outlets in most high streets throughout the country and also in the Republic of Ireland. The company is a subsidiary of Alliance Boots since July 31, 2006.   Alliance Boots is an international wholesale and retail seller of health and beauty products.  Walgreens and Alliance Boots started merging in 2012.  Walgreens purchased a 45% stake in Boots for $6.7 billion.  The merger is a long term plan to give maximum exposure to both brands - Boots more so in the United States and Walgreens more so in the UK and in China through Boots' presence in the marketplace.  Both companies are set to seek to complete a full merger within three years, costing an additional $9.5 billion.

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