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Bealls Florida, not to be confused with Bealls Texas, is a privately owned chain of department stores primarily located in Florida, but with stores in Georgia, Arizona and the sun belt as well.   The concept began in 1915 when Robert M Beall opened The Dollar Limit - a dry goods store in Bradenton, FL where no merchandise was priced more than one dollar.  In 1918 as inflation followed World War I, the store name was changed to V (Five) Dollar Limit as no merchandise was priced more than five dollars.   In 1940 Beall's son, ER, joined the family business and the name was changed to Beall's Department Store.  Finally in 1956, with ER's vision, the second store was opened with the third following in 1961.  In 1970 ER's son, Robert M Beall II (Bob) joined the business as well and by 1980 the chain had grown to $38 million in annual sales.   In 1992 Beall's opened its first store outside of Florida with an outlet store in Arizona.  The group is not affiliated with Bealls Texas, although the two overlap in some markets.  Where there is overlap, Bealls Florida operates as Burkes Outlet.  

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