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Although founded in 1917 by William Barnes and G Clifford Noble in New York City, Barnes & Noble really started into what we know today in 1971 when Leonard Riggio purchased the NYC store which had fallen into decline.  Throughout the 1970's and 80's the store implemented several innovations to the book store market such as television advertising, discounting New York Times bestsellers, and growing the mail-order business portion.   It was during the 1980's that brought expansion to the company.  After experimenting with different store formats to find their niche' in the market place, Barnes & Noble jumped onto the national scale when they purchased B Dalton Bookseller from Dayton Hudson in 1987.  In 1993 Barnes & Noble became a publicly traded company on the NYSE (BKS).   In May of 1997, Barnes & Noble launched its online retail website  The online platform sets the company as the largest bookseller online based on a standing inventory of one million unique titles.  The online store also offers used and out-of-print book titles via a network of authorized book dealers as well as a large collection of music CD's and DVD's.   Most recently, Barnes & Noble has entered the eBook market with its introduction of the Nook (based on the Android platform).  Today, Barnes & Noble has a 27% share of the eBook market and sells three times as many eBooks as compared to physical books online.

Barnes & Noble Online Retail Website

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