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At Retail Velocity, our partnerships allow us to meet your company’s distinctive needs by providing industry expertise along with a software suite that supports all the components of retail performance, including planning, measurement, management, reporting and analysis.

Our partners are critical to our customers’ success, and to our own. If you’re interested in strengthening your business position as a Retail Velocity partner, contact us by clicking here.


Microsoft Azure Marketplace now offers our VELOCITY® best-in-class Demand Signal Repository and POS analytics solution. VELOCITY helps CPG companies by providing easy-to-use, readily accessible analytics that empower you to identify insights, knock down internal silos and develop real-time sales and inventory strategies.
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Retail Velocity has been proud to be a Gold partner with Microsoft for over 20 years. Working closely with the Consumer Goods and Retail team at Microsoft, Retail Velocity focuses on empowering its clients to leverage the most of their Microsoft investments including Excel, SQL Server, PowerPoint, PowerBI, etc.. As everyone knows, no matter which business intelligence tool is used, the end result is almost always Excel. With Microsoft's newer Power Pivot data modeling capabilities, the possibilities are endless on how far retail analysts can go with Excel.
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Retail Velocity has built a strong partnership with SAP and has achieved two key certifications for Integration with SAP Applications and Integration with Applications on SAP HANA.   Retail Velocity has furthered its investment in its SAP partnership by offering direct integration with SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM).   SAP has partnered with Retail Velocity to provide an out-of-the-box approach for manufacturers to stream store-level near-real-time POS data into DSiM without requiring any customized consulting or ETL. It's all included in the Velocity Data Streaming Service saving time and money for SAP's valued clients. As the consumer goods and apparel manufacturers' largest – yet most flexible – demand signal repository solution, Velocity® collects, cleanses and harmonizes point-of-sale (POS) data seamlessly and easily from all retailers and distributors that share POS and/or shipment data.
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ToolsGroup is an innovation partner for companies who want to achieve highly accurate forecasts, outstanding customer-service levels and less global inventory.   An expert in “Powerfully Simple” supply chain planning, we offer software that analyzes demand history across multiple dimensions so you can achieve the most reliable forecast and inventory targets for mastering demand volatility and delivering service level excellence.
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