Retail Velocity Data Solutions

Data Solutions

1. It's a Wild World of Data

For CPG suppliers, there’s a vast universe of shopper data right at your fingertips. That’s incredibly exciting — and overwhelming. With Velocity, it doesn’t have to be.

2. Open the Tap

Velocity connects you with a library of over 400 retailer and distributor adaptors — the industry’s largest and most precise source of store-level POS and inventory signals. In addition, Velocity experts will advise you on the wealth of third-party data sources available, including: weather, demographics, syndicated data, and social media.

3. Making order out of chaos

Velocity takes all of data streams and mashes them together with your company’s data, including: item segmentation, territories, shipments, orders, forecasts, gross margins data. Then, our advanced, best-in-class ETL process rapidly cleanses, harmonizes and normalizes this complex set of data into a single, manageable source.

4. Universal Access to Single Source

This single source of clean data can be accessed two ways: 1) It can be stored in our secure, highly scalable Demand Signal Repository, or 2) Velocity can pump your most commonly used data queries to any internal applications like SAP® or other BI tools. Either path gives your business teams 24/7/365 access to the same single source of actionable analytics.

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5. Collaborate for Success

Velocity eliminates analytical conflict and confusion between departmental silos, empowering collaboration for real-time insights. Unlike other platforms, Velocity is also highly flexible. Integrating new data streams is quick and easy, giving teams unlimited opportunities to follow their curiosity and “play” with interactive ad-hoc reports and dashboards that address your most complex retail issues, including:

bussiness teams

6. Generate Growth

Nothing accelerates business growth quite like Velocity. Through richer data, enhanced analytics and streamlined communications, you’ll be able to identify the valuable insights and develop the smarter solutions your company needs to eliminate inefficiencies, improve sell-through and drive business growth at retail.