Retailer POS Data Sources

With Retail Velocity, you can build scorecards from Direct POS (and ePOS):  EDI 852, Walmart Retail Link, Target MerchIQ, Kroger Business 2 Business, CVS CMG, The Home Depot HomeDepotLink, Lowe's VendorDart, and data streams from over 400 retailers and distributors.

Retailers today collaborate with suppliers and share sales and inventory information in order to increase profits. The most common source of shared data is driven from the UPCs scanned at checkout registers - Point of Sale (POS or ePOS) data. POS data is typically sent electronically from retailers and distributors in transactions known as EDI 852 and EDI 867 or through vendor portals in files generated from their internal data warehouses. The EDI 852 may transmit sales and inventory figures that can be as specific as by store or at chain level, while the EDI 867 contains distributor invoices or shipments. Retailers update consumer goods manufacturers automatically as often as daily or as infrequently as monthly. For details on the information supplied by each retailer, see our Retailer POS Source pages. (Login required.)

Some retailers will share replenishment or forecasting information with their suppliers using the EDI 830, flat files or through their portals. Store information, including open/close dates and store to DC alignments are delivered with EDI 816 transactions or flat files. Velocity will collect all this and more, and integrate it with your other internal and external data sources in our Velocity Solution Suite consisting of the Velocity best-in-class enterprise Demand Signal Repository and its best practice libraries of retail reporting and dashboarding.

Data Type Data Source Detail Level Update Frequency
POS and
EDI (852, 867)
Tradacom EDIFACT
Retailer Portal
Flat Files
DC, Chain, Store
UPC, Retailer SKU
Monthly, Weekly, Daily
Forecasting EDI 830, Proprietary,
Vendor Portals
DC, Chain, Store UPC,
retailer SKU
Monthly, Weekly
Replenishment EDI 852, Proprietary,
Vendor Portals
DC, Chain, Store UPC,
retailer SKU
Monthly, Weekly, Daily
Item Code
Cross Reference
Flat files UPC, retailer SKU,
On demand or scheduled
Store/DC lists EDI 816, Flat files DC, Store Weekly, On demand
Planogram Flat files Planogram Item/ Assortment
Store Assignment
On demand
RFID Various DC, Chain, Store Monthly, Weekly, Daily
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