The 7 deadly sins of data analytics projects

Bob Violino hit the nail on the head with these 7 deadly sins of data analytics projects....(yes, I added some commentary...couldn't resist)

  1. Jump in w/o knowing what you're looking for
  2. Building (and maintaining) your own infrastructure ...(or software)
  3. Be a data divider, not unifier, i.e. not building a common analytics platform for the ENTIRE organization
  4. Eschew good data hygiene (or as a good friend always says "stink-free data - thanks Larry!!) 
  5. Forgo executive sponsorship of analytics initiatives - the analytics are for them too!
  6. Ignore middle and lower level managers - again, the analytics are for them too!!
  7. Lack the culture and skills to support good data analytics

and I'm adding another one since our space is riddled with hundreds of external POS data sources from retailers and distributors, government sources, etc...

  1. Not engaging w/ subject matter experts (consulting or SaaS/software providers) to reduce risk and leverage best practices, especially when dealing with external data from many disparate sources

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