One Data Solution.
Every Sales Channel.

Velocity seamlessly integrates with every channel you sell through.

Some data solution providers may only sell through grocers, while others might specialize in department stores or e-commerce channels, forcing CPG manufacturers to contract with multiple solution providers to meet their needs.

At Retail Velocity, however, we don’t focus on singular sales channels or retailers. Instead, we’re equipped to help you sell your products through all of them – from big box stores to mobile shopping sites to everything in between.

With our library of more than 400 retailer adaptors, we boast a broad understanding of the entire global retail industry yet still understand and help coach suppliers on the intricacies and anomalies associated with each channel and retailer. Our Velocity data solution ensures seamless integration across all channels to help you maximize your sales and profits everywhere.

To learn more about how Retail Velocity can accelerate your business growth, schedule a free demo today.

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