The Power of Tapping 400+ Retailer Data Streams.

VELOCITY® offers 3.5x more retailer and distributor adaptors than the competition.

At Retail Velocity, we’ve developed more than 400 retailer adaptors – the largest library in the CPG industry, and 3.5 times more than anything else available. Our best-in-class VELOCITY platform cleanses, harmonizes and normalizes this wealth of store-level sales and inventory data and mashes it up with unlimited third-party streams, providing you with unrivaled data variety that includes:

  • POS
  • Internal ERP (shipments, orders, forecasts and costs)
  • External (weather, demographics, syndicated, ads, planograms, promotions, social media and more)

Powered by Microsoft’s Power BI platform, VELOCITY enables your business units to leverage all data via Excel to generate the sharp insights and sales strategies that will impress retailers, opening the door to future collaboration, additional shelf space and greater profitability.

To learn more about how Retail Velocity can accelerate your business growth, schedule a free demo today.

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